The Council

Elder - Basil Fern (Very old dark green collie with several battle scars, one running over his left eye. Dark green eyes and is the Nature Element, meaning he has green freckles on his cheeks. Wife: Lucinda Malice. Important Character)

Advisers - Maple Fallen (Ginger tabby she-cat with a white underbelly), Opal Moon (Grey she-wolf)

Healer - Ellie Rufe (Female brown grizzly bear)

The Jury Members - Yassange Kaladis (Female otter), Sly Tallim (Male fox), Jessicah Snarler (Female dhole), Keeper Plumes (Male Pelican)

Chosen Ones

Blizzard/Oliver Winter (White tom with two blue snowflakes on his forehead. His paws, eyes and the tip of his tail are all blue and cold light pastel blue freckles dot his face, showing him to be an Ice Element. Main Character)

Inferno/Atticus Ember (Male dark ginger great dane with red eyes. Red highlights in the pattern of fire lines his paws and he has the same crimson colour on his cheeks as freckles, symbolizing his Fire Element. Main Character)

Messengers (Bluebirds)

Orachol Finchie (Female bluebird with sharp, accusing purple eyes. Main messenger. Very Important Character)

Moonlight Feather (Male bluebird. Crush: Orachol Finchie. Semi- Important Character)

Tangerine Loverlei (Female bluebird)

Uricloer Experis (Male bluebird)

Irene Deleor (Female bluebird)

Yaxit Gardens (Female bluebird)

Other Characters

Snowflake/Charoline Winter Brother: Blizzard Winter Mother: Ynla Winter Semi-Important Character)

Ynla Winter (White she-cat with one green eye and one blue eye. Children: Blizzard Winter, Snowflake Winter Semi-Important Character)

Khole Ember (Male dark ginger great dane with red-amber eyes and purple and black dyed hair. Siblings: Inferno Ember, Ignie Ember Semi-Important Character)

Ignie Ember (Female dark ginger great dane. Siblings: Inferno Ember, Khole Ember)