The Sinners

Chapter 1

Zera's eyes were glued to the sparring match, unable to even blink. She shouted excited cheers at her sister, Lily, who was wrestling in the area's dirt with Naga, the third Greed, sending puffs of dust into the air as they landed blows on each other. The snowshoe was dimly away of Finleon, her best friend, sitting beside her as she grinned at her older sister. Lily had pinned Naga to the floor, "You give up, now?" She asked lightly. 

Naga lifted his tail, spinning it, meaning he'd surrendered. Sin, the Pride, slowly marched to the top of his rock, lifting his scarred muzzle proudly, an air of authority veiling him. "I, Sin, Pride of The Sinners, officially declare Lily, Lead Hunter-Wrath the replacement of Naga, third Greed. She has won her title, and her place will be taken by the Elite Hunter, Sunflower. Naga's family shall now return to Tier 0. Lily, your family shall uphold the title of Tier 2." With that, he waved his stubby tail, "And with this, I end this Battle Royal. Until the next Blood Moon, my friends." He dipped his head and smirked, jumping gracefully off of his perch and giving Naga a disappointed nip on the ear.

Zera left her place next to Finleon and leapt down to Lily, "That was fantastic!" She exclaimed. Her sister met her with a warm smile and a hug. Zera hugged back, grateful tears streaming down her black and white face. "We'll support the (I forgot Finleon's last name XD) family, right?" The snowshoe pushed. Lily nodded. "We should go to the feast tonight. Tell Finleon." She excused herself from the conversation and ran to their parents, receiving proud embraces from both.

Zera grinned as her family conversed about future plans and padded towards Finleon. The dark blue kit was washing himself beside the Cresent Pond, and turned around to greet her as she trotted up to the shore beside him. "Great news!" The she-kit paused to regain her breath, "We're supporting your family!" A smile lit up her denmate's face as she took in large gulps of oxygen from the air around them. Zera yawned, placing a white paw into the water before her, watching as the ripples distorted her reflection.